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Athelstan House Pre-Preparatory School


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A small, unique, co-educational pre-prep school and nursery, offering an outstanding start to school life in a warm, family environment.

Maximum of 12-15 students per class and staff/child teaching ratio of about 1 teacher to 6 children - one of the highest ratios locally.

With its long track record of preparing infants for the best prep schools, the School's nurturing, caring, emotionally-attuned staff awaken a love of learning and rapidly develop children's social/emotional skills.

Specialist teachers - PE/Drama/Science.
Weekly French or Spanish/swimming lessons
Daily Breakfast/After School Clubs


‘Pupils attain a high standard in reading, spelling and mathematics and are well prepared for the next stage of their education.'

‘The care shown by staff to pupils is of the highest order. Pupils develop self-esteem and gain a balanced awareness of the world around them.'

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  • absfabs2020

    14-May-2015 Report

    I agree with the sentiments of HappyHamptonMum, nothing to add really! My daughter is so happy there and is doing extremely well. I'm so glad I chose Athelstan House - purely on a gut feeling after visiting lots of schools as I knew no-one with children who had been there.

  • HappyHamptonMum

    08-Feb-2015 Report

    Athelstan House is excellent at what it sets out to do – it provides well-rounded education to children from aged 2 1/2 to 7.

    This is done in a very nurturing environment and children are encouraged to be the best they can be, they are not however pressurised in a hot house, highly competitive environment. They achieve success by the high staff to pupil ratios and being allowed to develop at their own pace.

    The school achieves fantastic results with children being offered places at all the top local prep schools. My eldest son and his friend are moving onto The Mall and his friends are going to Denmead, St Catherine's, Lady Eleanor Holles and Guildford High School.

    All the local prep schools have high praise for the children from Athelstan House as they consider them to be kind, polite, thoughtful, intelligent and well rounded.

    The school is very accommodating and understanding regarding working parents. They open at 7.40am to allow parents to catch the 7.50am train to Waterloo and don't close until 6pm.

    The school community is lovely, parents support one another through the trials and tribulations of bringing up children, rather than trying to compete with one another about whose child is the greatest. This makes such a refreshing change and cannot be said for many schools in the area.

    My children love the school and so do we.

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