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Piano lessons + Composition for non-musicians

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  • guidomallardi

    26-Aug-2015 Report

    I am a qualified and awarded pianist, composer and researcher providing one-to-one lessons at student`s home and mine.

    I can teach piano, musictheory, harmony and composition, have lot of experience both with beginners and advanced learners, adults and children.
    I have many references. Ask!

    I can provide a traditional bottom-up path for all levels, all ages (classical, modern, experimental and jazz genres) and help getting grades. Ask for references.

    Nonetheless, you may probably be interested in my new music method (Brainarm), as it provides theory starting from composing immediately, and not vice versa. Moreover it allows to express oneselves without knowing neither theory nor technique and bring your hidden music out! Have a look to www.brainarm.com!

    The trial lesson is free of charge if you first come to my place.
    Fees: 36£ph on each lesson if we have lessons at my place then.

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