Pregnancy care and baby scans


Our private pregnancy care and baby scan services offer access to a multi-disciplinary team of specialists and structured maternity care, tailored to your needs. Many mothers have told us how important it is to have continuity of care from Consultants that they have confidence in. They want to be assisted in a comfortable and caring environment, where they are being given the time and support to make the most of this unique experience. You can access our programme at any stage of the first and second trimester of your pregnancy, or you may wish to continue arranging appointments with our Gynaecologist/Obstetrician for additional services to your NHS care.

Opening hours

Monday 08.00-18.00
Tuesday 08.00-20.00
Wednesday 08.00-18.00
Thursday 08.00-20.00
Friday 08.00-18.00
Saturday 09.00-17.00

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