Annie Deadman Training WEIGHTLOSS & FITNESS


Our 3 week weight loss Programmes are legendary. Choose how you want to go about your return to fitness and condition:

• The 3 week INCHLOSS PROGRAMME: a specific eating plan and up to 4 exercise training sessions/week. Choose from a variety of hugely motivating workouts and attend the Inchloss weighing and workout session each weekend.
• WAISTLINE WORKSHOP – the gentle one! If you haven't got the inclination for vigorous exercise, then you can follow the 3 week Inchloss eating plan and attend the weekly gentle strengthening mat work Pilates-style sessions.

All the Programmes include the eating plan, weigh-ins, measuring, daily motivational emails, educational material, recipe collections and instructors who really really want to help you get back into shape. We are absolutely committed to helping you achieve your goals.
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