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Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal™


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Our all inclusive Active Antenatal™ method is a ground breaking, effective and all encompassing pregnancy class helping you to learn your antenatal education and active birth techniques in a truly effective way – anchored to your breath, your body and your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby's birthing day.
Each class will deliver:
Traditional antenatal education
Active birth awareness
An easy way to understand induction and interventions
Flowing movement sequences anchored to your body and breath
Breathing techniques for stages of labour
Relaxation techniques
Peer-to-peer support in a women only class
Classes suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy and are taught over a six-week term.
Women can do as many terms as they wish until baby is born.
We are supportive of all birth choices.
Daisy Birthing® A practical, educational and supportive journey through labour and birth.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • RPopz

    11-Aug-2015 Report

    Fi and the Daisy Foundation have played such a massive part in my pregnancy and new motherhood journey - signing up for the Daisy Birthing classes is the one of the best decisions I could have made! The Birth preparation classes were a lovely hour of calm in an otherwise hectic week - in which to focus on myself, my pregnancy and my baby. Fi is a vibrant and engaging teacher and I learnt lots about the physiology of birth, breathing techniques and movements to help during labour, and the importance of a calm quiet birthing space - amongst other things. It also provided a friendly, non judgemental space to get to know other Mums, share the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and fears/ excitement about labour and birth.

    My husband and I took a Birth Partner Preparation course - which really helped to reassure him about labour and the role he needed to play. I think he was initially sceptical about the course but afterwards thanked me for booking it and said it was "fantastic"! Fi really helped to put all the fathers in the group at ease, no question was a silly one.

    After I had my baby, I graduated to the Tinies and then Wrigglers classes. These classes have been one of the highlights of mine and my son's week since he was 6 weeks old! An hour or so of singing, playing, massage, yoga, bonding. Relaxed baby led sessions. Cups of tea and chats, sympathy and sharing of knowledge with other Mums.

    Fi also organises Daisy Socials - which have been a real life line in the sometimes endless seeming hours of maternity leave!!

    Really can't recommend The Daisy Foundation Sheffield enough, for the relaxation, knowledge and ability to meet like minded parents :-)

  • iamrubyfinch

    16-Jan-2015 Report

    I attended two terms of classes from 24 weeks pregnant and found them to be relaxing and enjoyable. Most importantly, they helped me to feel more informed and positive about labour. Questions in the class were welcomed (and I had many!) and Fi shares her knowledge in an open, non-judgemental way. I learnt a lot from the other women in the class too, and it's been lovely getting to know them and to see them go from being expectant mums to meeting their babies. I enjoyed the classes so much that I also attended the birth partner workshop with my boyfriend, which was great for helping him feel more informed and for us both to feel like a real team as we prepared for the upcoming birth. We now have our beautiful daughter and I'm looking forward to taking her along to her first Daisy social very soon.

  • JenJens3

    06-Jan-2015 Report

    My husband and I went to one of Fi's weekend classes and it was excellent. I learned so much about what my body would be going through, and he learned how to cope with it! Fi's style is perfect--knowledgeable, honest, reassuring, and positive. Our daughter was born completely naturally (I didn't even need gas and air!), and I credit the massage and breathing techniques we learned in the classes for getting us through labour.
    I'm looking forward to signing up for the next set of baby massage classes with Fi.

  • Fang4480

    30-Dec-2014 Report

    Went to not one but two lots of the sessions with Fi. Thoroughly enjoyed every session and felt relaxed, calm and in control of what may happen after the sessions. Fi made everything so welcoming and no questions were silly! Would massively recommend these, brilliant and gave me time to relax and really focus on bump and my pregnancy. Also did the couples workshop with Fi and this was brilliant too!!

  • rachaellive

    30-Dec-2014 Report

    These classes gave me real confidence going in to labour to be prepared and ready for any birth experience. I felt relaxed and supported in the run up to my birth and have made great friends that I'm still in touch with. I ended up having a csection but the birth of my baby was still a positive experience I'm sure in part because of the skills I learnt with these classes. I felt able to keep calm, positive and in control. Fi is an inspiration and a truely lovely lady and i can really recommend her classes xxx

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