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Affordable Community Massage


  • Community venues, homes and workplaces

  • 57 Walkley Road, Sheffield, S6 2XL

  • 07799613071

  • hrmartin11@gmail.com

  • £29 for one off treatments, £26 regular treatments

Affordable Community Massage is a socially minded enterprises that uses homes, workplaces and community venues to provide 'pop up clinics' for easy access to deeper tissue and therapeutic massage. All that's needed is a small room that can be comfortably heated - Otherwise there are clinics each week running in community venues throughout South Yorkshire (evenings, weekends and during school hours)

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  • LegoUniverse

    04-Mar-2014 Report

    Thoughtful, responsive massage from a woman who really knows her stuff. The pop-up clinics might not be the most luxurious of places but they are handy, and affordable, making massage possible for those of us who can never manage to fit in a day at a spa.

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