Post-Natal Bowen Therapy


  • Therapy Room or Home Visits

  • 11 Tapton House Road, Broomhill, Sheffield, S10 5BY

  • 07738783986


  • £30 initial consultation, £25 subsequent consultations

Changes on a hormonal and musculoskeletal level can last for months and often years after childbirth with sometimes very painful or distressing symptoms. Backache, headaches, nausea, low energy levels, breast pain, weight gain are just some of these problems. The simple adapted posture of caring for your baby can also often make the problem worse.

Bowen Therapy works by using gentle, cross fibre manipulation of the muscles to restore and reset your normal hormone balance, energy, nervous system and fluid exchange leading to pain and disharmony in the body. Plus, it is incredibly relaxing to give you some much needed time to yourself, recharge and reset.

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