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Hi I'm Sally, I am a home based carer/tutor for home educated children. I currently work two days a week with a family from the Greenhill area, whose children are aged six and four. We are looking to hook up with another family, in order to provide the children with a richer learning experience and to share out the cost.

I have three children of my own (aged 20, 17 and 9) and childminded for five years before moving into the home education world. I recently completed my EYPS which means I am a qualified Early Years teacher.

Children learn best when they are having fun and absorbed in play, so I make this a priority. I tailor my planning to suit the children in my care, and chose topics that inspire and engage them.

I take care to plan activities that suit the ages and interests of the children and this includes regular groups and one off trips.

Please contact me with any questions.

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