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Active Antenatal Class Daisy Birthing Telford


Our all inclusive Active Antenatal™ method is a ground breaking, effective and all encompassing pregnancy class helping you to learn your antenatal education and active birth techniques in a truly effective way – anchored to your breath, your body and your movement – exactly where you will need it on your baby's birthing day.

Each class will deliver:
• Traditional antenatal education
• Active birth awareness
• An easy way to understand medical induction and interventions
• Flowing movement sequences anchored to your body and breath
• Breathing techniques for every stage of labour
• Relaxation techniques
• Peer-to-peer support in a women only class

Classes can be started from 14 weeks of pregnancy and are taught over a six-week term

Daisy Birthing® - A practical, educational and supportive journey through labour and birth.

A 6 week course costs just £60.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • Emmalaw2014

    22-Apr-2015 Report

    Jeanette's classes were really relaxing and enjoyable which I looked forward to it every week. I felt ready for the birth and was very confident with the tools given. Even when my birth didn't go to plan, I was able to use the breathing techniques and the rotations and had a natural birth which took 4 hours. I can only attribute this to the tools given. Thank you Jeanette :)

  • Alanna007

    11-Mar-2015 Report

    Thanks to Janette Davey's Daisy Birthing classes I had a wonderful home water birth without any pain relief. My waters broke just as my daughter was born and she was relaxed and calm throughout the 26 hour labour. I didn't have to push/or feel the need to push at all - just breathed her out. The breathing techniques were invaluable and I still use them now to relax. I will definitely enrol again prior to having a second child to a) refresh my memory, b) for the lovely experience and c) the other mums I met, several of which I am still in contact with. Thanks Janette!

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