Shrewsbury Coffeehouse


Our high street competitors believe in speed over quality, we don't. We view our coffee as an experience, over a necessity. At The Shrewsbury Coffeehouse we care about the quality of our drinks. Our ‘on demand' grinder ensures coffee is freshly ground for every cup, be it a latte, a flat white or a cappuccino. We take time to make sure each cup we serve is perfect.
Our passion for food mirrors that of our coffee, we have worked closely with Sheila Sager from The Shrewsbury Bakehouse to develop our food range. The Shrewsbury Bakehouse is a multi award winning bakery located only a few doors away. Sheila has been satisfying bread lovers for years and we are glad to share her food expertise and privileged to be able to offer our customers her bread, which contains nothing but flour, water, salt and only occasionally yeast.

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