Pyjama Drama


Welcome to the world of Pyjama Drama parties – a world in which anything can happen! Our parties for children up to seven years are packed full of drama games and activities designed to thrill the senses and ignite the imagination by pretending and role play.

We offer two types of party, an Adventure Party for children up to 5 years and a Performance Party for children between 5 - 7 years.
Your party leader will come with HUGE imagination, so if you're having your very first birthday or are nearly all grown up, look no further for an action packed party that will delight your guests with an unforgettable experience! Sing, dance, pretend, play; where will our imagination take us today. I will take your children on an adventure through an imaginary world. Pretend play, drama games and music combine to encourage children to use their imaginations and pretend.

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