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Slings for Parents


Have you heard of slings but aren't sure where to start?
Have you bought a sling but need some help learning how to use it?
Have you bought a sling but are now finding that your child has outgrown it?

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Slings for Parents offers advice and guidance about babywearing with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, and can help you choose from the bewildering array on the market as well as teach you how to use them safely and comfortably. SfP also offers a limited range of slings to buy if required.

Slings for Parents offers a flexible service designed to make sure that every parent or carer knows how to use their chosen sling type safely and comfortably. Slings can be worn safely from a pregnancy bump support right the way up to pre-school, and Slings for Parents will try to make sure that you have the information you need to wear for as long as you wish.

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  • SlingsforParents

    28-Dec-2014 Report

    I got into baby wearing pretty late and really as a result of meeting Laura. Finally learning how to choose the right sling and how to use it properly has been a revelation! At age two, our daughter wanted to walk most of the time we were out but hated going back in her pushchair when her legs got tired. Now two and a half she's a buckle carrier convert just like mummy and daddy. She loves it! Laura's advice (and patience!) during consultations is fantastic and she's well worth a visit whether your child is a week old or three years old.

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