Parks & Playgrounds in Shropshire

Children's Play Area The Dorothy Clive Garden Market Drayton
1 review 15-Mar-13 to 15-Mar-15
disabled access

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Telford Town Park Telford
31-Oct-13 to 31-Oct-15

There are a myriad of play opportunities at Telford Town Park. All Inclusive play, water play, Rocket Slide, Spiders Web, Trim Trail and Toddler's Play Area and Sandpit. Telford...

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Closer to the Edge High Ropes Course Telford Town Park Telford
1-Nov-13 to 1-Nov-15

A brand new facility within Telford redevelopment! Book to prevent disappointment. Open to general public at weekends and holidays, schools, groups and corporate in weekday term...

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Onny Meadows Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre Craven Arms
12-Nov-13 to 12-Nov-15
disabled access

The Onny Meadows is a 30-acre site, which stretches down to the River Onny. It is a wonderful place to walk dogs and for children to explore - ponds, woods, the troll's bridge...

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Shropshire Wildlife Trust @ The Boathouse The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere
23-Jun-14 to 23-Jun-16
disabled access

Come along to Ellesmere and find out about all sorts of wildlife. Various events are hosted here throughout the year. See individual listings for details.

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Fingertip Feeler, Shrops Wildlife Trust The Boathouse Ellesmere

Use your senses to discover a woodland. Meet a tree and see how many different touches you can find. Sessions last one hour.

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The Wildlife Trust's Marine Week The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere

Celebrate our marine wildlife with a close look at adaptations for freshwater and saltwater life. Find out about Ellesmere's land locked sea and its marine equivalents.

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Flower Frenzy, Shrops Wildlife Trust The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere

Feast your eyes on fantastic wildflowers and see what creatures you can find in the meadows and the woodland. Sessions last for one hour.

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Frantic Fliers, Shrops Wildlife Trust The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere

Discover more about the frantic life of pollinators at this busy time of year. Look closesly at the bees and butterflies that live at Castlefields Meadows. Meet at the Boathouse...

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Frogs and Foxes, Shrops Wildlife Trust The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere

Search for evidence at the scene of the food chain crime to find out who eats who eats who in the animal kingdom. Meet at The Boathouse, sessions last one hour.

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Focus on Freshwater The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere

What lives in The Mere? Dip The Mere to find creepy crawlies lurking at the bottom. Sessions last one hour.

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Ellesmere Water Weekend The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere
30-Aug-14 to 31-Aug-14

Explore all things watery at The Mere in Ellesmere. Have a go at fishing and canoeing, find out what lives beneath the surface and join in with a range of crafts and activities. ...

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Merefest The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere
20-Sep-14 to 21-Sep-14

Various activities and stalls at Cremorne Gardens and around The Mere.

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Discover the Dark Side The Boathouse, Ellesmere Ellesmere

Discover what wild things go bump in the night. Activities and Halloween crafts throughout the day at The Boathouse.

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