Blissful Births HypnoBirthing™ Courses


HypnoBirthing&trade; is a MUST for all women wanting a CALM, COMFORTABLE &amp; SAFE birth for themselves &amp; their baby.<br /><br />It is a unique way of birthing that uses specific BREATHING, RELAXATION &amp; SELF-HYPNOSIS techniques to help women have the RELAXING &amp; STRESS-FREE birth that Nature intends for her.<br /><br />70% of mums who use HypnoBirthing&trade; say they feel NO PAIN AT ALL! Myself included! Even when induced!!<br /><br />This AMAZING course, the ORIGINAL HypnoBirthing&trade; course (used by Kate Middleton to birth Prince George!), teaches how to rediscover our NATURAL BIRTHING INSTINCTS and it's tried &amp; tested techniques have helped THOUSANDS of women over the last 24 years birth their babies in COMFORT &amp; BLISS.<br /><br />&quot;The birth breathing was AMAZING, making the trip down the birth path VERY QUICK and NOT UNCOMFORTABLE! I spend alot of time recommending HypnoBirthing&trade; now. Thank-you Rachel!&quot; Clare (a new mum &amp; also a doctor!)

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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