Blissful Bonding HypnoMothering™ Workshops



HypnoMothering™ prepares women for a GENTLE transition into Motherhood. It is a FUN & PRACTICAL 2.5 hour workshop for mums-to-be & new mums developed by two hypnotherapists, both mothers of twins!

It offers practical, TANGILBLE solutions & EASY, quick self-hypnosis techniques (hypnosis simply being relaxation - no trances!) to help with some of Motherhood's common hurdles.

It helps MAXIMISE sleep, stay CALM on challenging days, tap into POSITIVE emotions at less than positive moments & EMPOWERS women to enjoy their own unique Mothering journey, free from expectation and judgement.

I am so confident that everyone will find it useful I'm offering a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!!!

"HypnoMothering™ calmed my anxieties about the first few months & gave me real solutions to help me deal with the transition. I feel so much more prepared, at ease and excited!"

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