Waste services throughout Somerset


Somerset Waste Partnership manages waste and recycling services for all local authorities in Somerset <br /><br />For information on our services, such as kerbside collections and recycling sites, and lots more - from reuse to garden waste, home composting to cloth nappies - visit: http://www.somersetwaste.gov.uk<br /><br />Take a look at a great free and easy campaign that will help families have fun while saving money and cutting waste, complete with free training, simple hints and top tools - Green Routine:<br />www.somersetwaste.gov.uk/more/green-routine-2013/<br /><br />You can find more and get in touch through Facebook:<br />https://www.facebook.com/SomersetWaste<br />and on Twitter:<br />https://twitter.com/somersetwaste

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