Energy Healing, Clearing, Balancing and Relax

East Kilbride

  • Purple Dove (Yoga) Studio

  • 54 Wilson Place, Nerston Industrial Estate, East Kilbride nr Whirlies, East Kilbride, G74 4QD

  • 07805596331


  • £40 per healing session 60-90 mins

I offer appointments for energy healing work, appointments by contacting me directly ONLY.
I am known for my unique healing work named Galactic Heart Healing.
I work with various different healing energies for the highest good of my clients.
Energy work is very 'real' and clients can have deep rooted thoughts, emotions or physical symptoms removed from their bodies during the session with me. Energies which are released or received are always in accordance with your soul in this lifetime, and always for your highest potential.
I see and feel energies embedded in the auric fields/lightbody/soul, and physical fields and I will use the best of my abilities to remove any discordance from your energy, which can sometimes stop these manifesting in a physical way in your body, or assist the release of current physical illness.

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