Women's Health Physiotherapy


Women's Health Specialist Physiotherapist<br /><br />Ante-natal and post natal problems including SPD, PGP, pelvic floor and prolapse problems. <br /><br />Physiotherapy can provide simple and effective solutions and is recommended by government guidelines. <br /><br />Try this simple questionnaire to assess whether you have a problem. If you answer &quot;yes&quot; then it is likely that we can help: <br /><br />1) On bladder filling, during or after using the toilet do you experience pain?<br />2) Do you have pain with sexual intercourse?<br />3)Have you been diagnosed or suffer pelvic pains but the cause is not known?<br />4) Do you leak a little when you laugh, cough or sneeze?<br />5) Does running water cause you to need the toilet?<br />6) Do you find yourself going to the toilet just in case?<br />7) Do you go to the toilet more than 6 times per day?<br />8) Do you feel that you have heaviness or bulging down below?

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