Art House Cafe

Southampton Centre

The Art House is an arts venue, café and gallery in the heart of Southampton. We were formed in 2008 to:

Promote the Arts
Our busy programme of events, groups, workshops, art exhibitions, crafts, live music, poetry and theatre by local artists and performers makes us one of the most active arts venues in the South.

Enhance our local and global community
Our licensed café is primarily staffed by volunteers who work here for the love of what we do. It's a welcoming meeting place where you can enjoy fairtrade tea, lunch made from local ingredients, a light supper or a delicious homemade cake. You can meet new people, catch up with friends or just come in by yourself.
Encourage positive, healthy and sustainable living
We're here to help you to make positive choices and to support your principles. Most of our delicious food is organic, it's all vegetarian and there are many vegan options.

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