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Nikki The Magic Lady

Southampton Centre

Nikki The Magic Lady who is based in Fareham near Portsmouth in Hampshire, is one of the busiest and in demand female children's entertainers on the circuit. She has been entertaining kids for many years and in that time has performed thousands of children's shows. She is a multi award winning magic lady whose reputation, as a reliable, professional children's entertainer is second to none.

Whether she is performing her hilarious comedy magic show which features one of her beloved real pet rabbits, either Rocky or Dudley, her fun games & competitions show, her children's disco which includes Party Dances and Dancing, or entertaining crowds with her amazing balloon modelling, you just know that she will always set an excellent standard and that the children will just love her.

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  • rach01pink

    22-May-2014 Report

    I booked Nikki for my sons 3rd birthday party. Some time after booking her I actually saw her perform at a 5 year old's birthday party. I was impressed as she wasn't 'cheesy' as I had preconceptions about magicians! At the other childs party she did the live rabbit piece and made some excellent balloon models so I was happy and looking forward to my sons party. However when she began to set up in the hall at my sons party she erected a massive back drop, something I hadn't seen at the previous party. I knew I had booked her for a more expensive package than my friend, but I didn't realise how different it would be. I was impressed with the way she managed to capture the varying aged audience, we had a real range from a 2 week old baby to a 9 year old, the majority of the children were 2, but despite their young age Nikki kept their focus better than I had anticipated. Nikki gave out prizes and treats constantly. I personally liked the game where she placed different cards on the floor and everyone had to run to a card and then if that card was chosen they got a piece of treasure, a very simple game that worked a treat with kids and adults. During the food break Nikki made a special spiderman balloon which was a nice touch. Nikki is very professional at all times and she offers a range of packages to suit different budgets / requirements.

  • LocalEditorPortsmouth

    17-May-2014 Report

    I had the pleasure of watching Nikki Kidd perform her show this afternoon for a party of children aged between 3 and 5 years old - not the easiest of age brackets to keep entertained for any length of time. From the moment she started the show, the children were engaged and sat attentively, joining in with games, magic tricks and dancing. After a short break for food, the entertainment continued with a game of pass the parcel, more dancing and finished with a lovely magic trick where Nikki produced a real live rabbit. The children were able to take it in turns to stroke the rabbit, collect some goodies and have their picture taken with the rabbit. The party was inclusive and all the children had an equal chance to win prizes and goodies without anyone feeling left out. Balloon animals and flowers were given out at the end including a very special Spiderman made especially for the birthday boy who was wearing a Spiderman outfit. The party was run smoothly and the hosting parents were delighted with how it went. My own children were equally delighted with the entire show; my daughter didn't stop talking about it all the way home which is high praise indeed.

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