BlueDoor Estate Agents

Southampton Centre

Estate agents – the people everyone loves to hate. But when you walk though the Blue Door, you'll be surprised at how your attitudes change! We really do have your best interests at heart. You want a great price for your property and you want to find your dream home. So we make sure that's what you'll get.

Here at Blue Door, we didn't just break the mould – we threw it away. We don't have flashy high street offices - people don't house hunt that way any more. Because we don't pay expensive rents, we keep costs down and pass the savings on to you, without compromising on service. We market your properties on all the major websites and make sure your potential buyer has everything they need.

Best of all, we'll never charge you expensive percentage fees. You'll only ever pay the one fixed price we agree at the start. How's that for different?

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