Sprinkles Gelato - Portswood


Sprinkles Gelato Southampton sprang into Gelato action in September 2012. Sleek, modern, warm, comfortable and ready to bring quality Gelato to the people of Hampshire.

Sprinkles Gelato is set in the bustling area of Portswood. Fantastic interior decor, comfortable seating and LCD TV screens make a perfect setting for you and your family to indulge in some tasty treats.

All Gelato is made on the premises, ensuring you get the freshest Gelato (To eat in or take-away). Presented to you in the fantastic Sprinkles Gelato customer friendly environment, as top spec Gelato, with all the trimmings.

Why not try the Olympic 10 scoop Sprinkles Gelato cone, can you beat 15 minutes to eat it in? Come in and join the leaderboard.

Sprinkles Gelato send a special welcome to you and all your family to come in and enjoy some amazing Sprinkles Gelato, Fresh, Professional and above all Fun!

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