Getting a Handle on Stress Workshop


What mum doesn't feel stressed at least some of the time? It seems to be part of modern living. Stress can come from a lack of balance in your life. Maybe you don't feel you have enough time in the day for everything. Perhaps you find it difficult to manage the pressure of being a mum. Come to our workshop and you will learn more about stress and your mind and body. We will teach you practical solutions, easy and effective exercises and techniques you can build into your daily life. Don't worry, anyone can do these well. We promise! The workshop is enjoyable, giving you time out to focus on what you need. That might be needing to relax, or to feel more energised. We also provide a free follow up session to help you embed these stress-reducing tools into everyday life. Ultimately, we want you to leave us with greater clarity, greater adaptability, and greater well-being.

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