Hula hoop and zumba class


Do you want to shrink everything but your smile? If so then look no further you have come to the right place. Weekly Hula hoop and zumba class, which burns a ton of calories and is a ton of fun.
Hooping is the craze favoured by Beyonce and Kim Kardashian it burns 100 calories in just 10 minutes and after 5 minutes you really feel it working. Great for getting that waistline in trim especially as the little black party dress season looms!
Zumba the worldwide Phenomenon if its good enough for the millions already doing a class in 50 countries it's good enough for you, come and try it and i guarantee you will be doing the salsa in your kitchen all week.
We are a new friendly class just 3 weeks old so come join us bring your friends and lets get ready to knock them out in your party frocks this Christmas, your dancing will be better too! I look forward to meeting you. Cost £6

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