Experienced Osteopath in Waterloo


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Osteopathy is a gentle manual therapy particularly suitable for mothers, during and after pregnancy. <br /><br />We offer a safe and non-invasive specialist treatment for many pregnancy related conditions. Most common pregnancy pains are backache &amp; 'sciatica', pelvic pain and SPD (pubic/groin pain). Osteopaths are well trained to recognise contra-indications &amp; treatment should be suitable for any healthy &amp; stable pregnancy.<br /><br />Pre-conception: Osteopathy can help with posture, spinal &amp; pelvic mobility and is useful if you have pre-existing injuries/spinal problems &amp; are concerned.<br /><br />During pregnancy: Osteopathy can treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions. It can also help your body prepare by correcting pelvic position &amp; flexibility &amp; promoting pelvic floor integrity.<br /><br />Post natal: After birth you may be prone to strains &amp; sprains. Breast feeding &amp; carrying a baby also add strain on the body.

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