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Bermondsey Cleaners


Proud of our many regular customers, our cleaners in Bermondsey strive for perfection in any house, apartment, office, restaurant or shop we clean. And it is our customers who make us better and try harder every day, because we are happy when you are happy. To those of you who don't know us yet, we promise to provide great care for you, too.

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  • elijahperez

    08-Sep-2016 Report

    It's a great feeling to have a clean office, and Bermondsey Cleaners make it happen for me every week! Their affordable cleaning solutions are perfect for my budget and the staff are always friendly and ready for any task. This is a great company that I would highly recommend if you want to start making the most of your office!

  • CamilleWatson

    07-Jul-2015 Report

    You won't regret hiring Bermondsey Cleaners. I didn't. A few days ago I booked a carpet clean with them. Over the years, my carpet has accumulated so many stains and god knows what else could be lurking in there. So I decided to have it professionally cleaned. The cleaners told me the stains would be hard to remove but after using their innovative cleaning products and tools, the stains vanished. My carpet is spotless now thanks to these cleaners. Plus, my entire house smells better and far less musty. I wouldn't hesitate to use this cleaning company again.

  • GlendaMurphy

    15-May-2015 Report

    I just wanted to tell everyone about my great experience in having my carpets cleaned. I have just had them cleaned professionally throughout by Bermondsey Cleaners and they look amazing. I couldn't believe the results they look so fresh and bright. I have never had this type of service before but would certainly recommend it to others before investing in any new ones.

  • AlicePhelps

    17-Nov-2014 Report

    Perfect cleaning work. So many services cut corners, but they should realise they are just losing business to brilliant firms like Bermondsey Cleaners! This great cleaning service is the last in a long line of services I've tried out, and I'm not going to be looking for another service now as long as they are still around. They were so incredibly comprehensive in their duties. They cleaned the tabletops, fireplace, outside windowsill, bookcases and even behind the radiators! The sorts of places you think don't get dirty, but they must do, just like everything else. I will be hiring them again very shortly.

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