Confidence from Fitness


If you are just getting back into fitness/exercising would you know where to start? Would you have the confidence to go into a gym environment or go outside for exercise?
A lot of people I have spoken to have said 'No'! This is how Confidence from Fitness came about. I want to help those who are unsure of what exercises to do and when to do them. I want to break down those barriers people might have about exercise.
Believe it or not it is not all hard work and it can be fun! This is what I aim to achieve in every one of my sessions.
I will come to you where you feel most comfortable and we will work in an environment that you feel safe in!
I accept individuals and group sessions, so why not get a group of friends together?
I also specialise in pre and post natal, as this is a crucial time for both mum and baby.
*Children can also be included in sessions, at the parents discretion.

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