How will you spend your 10,000 working days?


How will you spend your 10,000 working days?

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Teenagers to Adult

2-day coaching course on 25/26 April (via application form) for teenagers & adults seeking meaningful, practical career direction/job changing advice and useful, professional guidance. We'll explore in this small group not just 'What Do I Want To Do?' but far more useful questions that will inform the next path you take, like 'What Do I Stand For?', and 'What are MY unique signature strengths?'.

We ask, do you want your 10,000+ working days to be filled with satisfaction or doubt and regret?

The 2 intensive days will give you access to group AND individual 1-1 sessions with top career coaches who've worked in business, the arts and the voluntary sector.

Entry is via application form on and the course costs £200.

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