Junk Removals London LLC


It takes a lot of skill and experience to properly carry out waste removal services and the people working at Junk Removals London LLC have an abundance of either. We have all the necessary licenses and permits to help you rid your home or office from the plight of rubbish.

Why bother hiring a skip and dealing with all the paperwork when a call and an email can book a fully equipped and prepared clearance team at only a modest cost. For a nominal fee our clearance workers will clear out the rubbish from the premises, conduct a basic sweeping and have everything deposited to the nearest garbage depot, with the exception of items that can be recycled. We try to promote recycling as much as possible and usually at least 20% of all collected junk end up being reused rather than thrown away at the junkyard.

Dial 0203 769 2517 to speak to one of our operators any day of the week.

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