Design and Print Your Own Tee-Shirt

East Dulwich

Captured on the Rye is pleased to welcome you to one of our Screen-Printing and Spin Painting parties at the shop. Open to all ages 4+ for parties of up to 12 participants. Come and work with Lou to design and print your own T-Shirt and/or make some fantastic spin-painted art creations. We also have a candy floss machine for the perfect party bag treat!

Perfect for birthday parties – especially if you choose to host the party at our shop so you don't have to do any tidying up!

Lou will work with each of the participants to develop their ideas and then print them onto a T-shirt using eco-friendly water-based inks which are colourfast and machine-washable.

Results regularly exceed expectations, with participants able to proudly wear their own creations straight away if desired.

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