Relax in Safehands


I am a Reiki II practitioner and offer Reiki for relaxation during pregnancy, childbirth and in the postnatal weeks. Reiki has also been used with great success in treating infertility.

Reiki healing is especially useful for relieving the physical discomforts of pregnancy. Reiki treatment may help relax the gastrointestinal walls and can reduce or alleviate the sensation of nausea. It can also provide relief from round ligament pain, hip, back and nerve-based pain (sciatica and carpal tunnel are two common conditions) typically experienced as pregnancy progresses

Option 1

1 hours Reiki treatment in your home £25

Option 2

Mix n match ... ½ hour Reiki treatment &

½ hour Indian head massage or

½ hour Aromatherapy hand and arm massage. or

½ hour crystal rebalancing therapy. £25

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