Dance Parties


You choose the venue and arrange the refreshments and leave the entertainment to us!<br /><br />Rhythmic Rascals Dance Parties 1.5 hours (Recommended ages 3-5 years)<br /><br />Dependant on numbers &pound;100.00-&pound;130.00 <br /><br />Adventure Time - A fun filled 30 minutes.<br />Party Food Time - We will stay and help for this section of the party<br />Dinky Disco Time - The children will be bobbing to the beat and learning funky dance moves to their favourite tracks.<br /><br />Dance or Cheerleading Parties 1 or 2 hours (Recommended ages 6 years+)<br /><br />1 hour - Dependant on numbers &pound;75.00-&pound;95.00<br />2 hour - Dependant on numbers &pound;110.00-&pound;140.00<br /><br />Dance Parties<br />*Dance warm up *Dance Challenges, *Group Routine to perform at the end<br /><br />Cheerleading Parties<br />Warm up, cheers, chants, Group routine with poms.<br /><br />Props, Music, Microphone, Disco Lights and Pop Up Banner are all provided.

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