Soul Nutrition Events & Interactive Website


Soul Nutrition is a free, award winning interactive website at Suitable for both children and adults, you can play around with the Happiness Calendar, SHIFT life coaching model, and photographic mindful eating food diary 'Nourish' to help you and your loved ones find the joy in each day, play to your strengths and flourish into happy people with a positive, confident and optimistic outlook on life.

Soul Nutrition also runs a series of events including 'Mindful Eating for Happiness' on 17th November 2014, at which you can discover simple techniques to lift your spirits, and foods to help you glow with vitality. Delicious hot lunch with dessert is included in this inspirational day, packed with practical ideas to keep you and your loved ones full of the joys of Spring even in the depths of Winter. Find out more on the 'Events' listings at

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