Tameside Handyman


Tameside Handyman - John Sweet.
Providing a local Handyman service to local people.
No-nonsense pricing - Fixed Hourly Rate.
A FREE estimate service.
Working 7 days a week from Early to Late.
If you don't see the service this does not mean I do not provide it - just ask and I will let you know.
Providing a wide range of services including, but not limited to such things as;
Rubbish Removal, Gardening, Flat pack, Basic Electrics, General Repairs, Basic Plumbing, Cleaning, Computer/Phone service and many, many more. See website for details.

I have a valid CRB check in place and have done for 7 consecutive years. Always worth checking when you have people in your home!
I also have public liability insurance - again something worth asking when you are looking for someone who is going to be working on your property and around people.

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