Dream On


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What we've created is a positive place you can come to, to help you with your thinking, to help you build skills, to offer help or to come and buy clothes.
It's a place made for you. We are different and what we try to do is to listen and offer what you'd like and what you need.
People tell us our clothing studio is great to come to. For people who don't like shopping, there is no pressure, lots of space, help when needed and no changing room rules. You can try on as much or as little as you want. Our team are well trained and care about you and won't pressure you to buy. If you love shopping and clothes, we hope you'll see new makes that you can try out and experiment with.
Clothing is downstairs, coaching and workshops are upstairs. We've got private rooms for coaching and a big space for groups. We do coaching around the UK and have run workshops across east Anglia and London.

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