Eastern Angles need Volunteer Angels!


The Eastern Angels aren't a spelling mistake, they are, in fact, our loyal band of volunteers, without whom we couldn't operate. The Angels sell programmes, tear tickets, and serve behind the coffee bar at many of our venues across East Anglia, as well as at the Sir John Mills Theatre at Christmas. They also help stuff envelopes for our mail-outs. As well as receiving free tickets for Eastern Angles shows, as an Angel you would also get a unique insight into how we produce our shows, and meet like-minded people from across East Anglia. Angel social events are sometimes arranged, and in the past, Angels have even been invited to dress rehearsals.
How can I help?
If you have some spare time, either in the evening or during the day, there are many ways you can help. We need lots of volunteers over Christmas for our show in Ipswich, but we are more in need of volunteers for our tour dates

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