The Rubbish Diet

County Wide

Welcome to the UK's dedicated slimming club for bins. Ever get confused about what can be recycled? Not enough space to sort your waste? Fed up with the smell of rotting food in your bin? Just hate wasting things? The Rubbish Diet can help you sort out your rubbish once and for all.

In just 4 weeks, you'll be staring past your flip-top lid towards a lighter bin, enjoying a life of less hassle and even counting the extra notes in your wallet from unexpected savings too – and you'll never have to panic about missing bin day again!

The Rubbish Diet is really easy to follow. Just keep track of what you throw away and find ways of making waste disappear by recycling, finding other uses for it or never getting it in the first place. You'll get weekly emails with great ideas to guide you on your way.

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