Willow Tree Farm Shop


Our shop provides the public and local business with the freshest groceries at reasonable prices. Vegetables often being home grown and spray free when possible.

We stock a wide range of locally sourced edible goods like many other farm shops. As well as all the food, we stock plants, coal, seasoned logs, gas, dog food and wine. (To name just a few!) All of which is priced competitively and delivered locally free of charge.

On Saturdays we have our local fishmonger stay the morning to provide our customers with a fine selection of fresh fish.

At Christmas we still rear our own turkeys and chickens as we have done for many years, cared for by Michael and provided with the best quality feed. And when the time comes, they are all plucked and drawn by hand using a local team of friends and family, who come back every Christmas to muck in and help.

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