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The Calf At Foot Dairy


I'm welfare-driven rather than profit-driven, but I believe that profit follows quality and quality is what you get from healthy, happy animals. I also allow my cows to keep their calves. My Jersey cows are 100% grass-fed so their milk is superb. I believe that, by following Nature's way, and allowing cows to enjoy a natural diet of fresh grass and hay, lucerne and pure grass pellets all year round, we can keep all livestock farming simple without disrupting the environment.
Once bottled, in 1-pint, 1 litre, the milk is available for sale at the farm gate or at the Farmers' Markets listed on my website.

Always open for milk/grass-fed beef/ruby veal sales but please phone to check availability. Milk collection points by arrangement at Maple Farm, Kelsale. Leos Deli, Framlingham. Aldeburgh Food Market. We supply www.foulgersdairy.co.uk for doorstep deliveries and courier service

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  • LESuffolk&Norfolk

    12-Mar-2014 Report

    We buy Calf At Foot Dairy milk from Bury Saint Edmunds Market and it tastes great. rich, creamy and totally fresh (because you know it has not been sitting around in a distribution centre) it is worth the few extra pennies of cost.

    It is so important to support our farmers, especially the ones who are trying to maintain environmentally friendly, animal welfare aware practices. They are our #suffolktreasures

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