The Little Green Wholefood Shop


Welcome to The Little Green Wholefood Shop where we can supply many of the best health foods and environmentally friendly products available.

Pulses, nuts and fruits.
Breads, cakes, pastries from Metfield Bakery.
Grains and cereals.
A large selection of fresh organic vegetables.
Meats and ready meals from Graig Farm.
Herbs, spices and herbal teas.
Beers, wines and cider.
Booja Booja dairy and gluten free chocolates.

Skin friendly cosmetics and toiletries.

For vegans or allergy sufferers, non dairy foods and gluten free are available.

Soya products are also available as indeed are ready prepared meals such as falafels and tofu burgers, vegetarian, frozen meats and sausages, and organic coffees.

A wide range of environmentally friendly household & cleaning products.

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