Ruse & Son Butchers

Long Melford

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My name is Oliver Ruse and I am the fifth generation to have owned and run the family firm of Ruse & Son, a quality local butcher located in Long Melford, Suffolk. We celebrated our 150th anniversary in 2010.

We are unique butchers in Suffolk as we have our own small abattoir at the rear of the premises. Most of our meat we sell in the shop is indeed slaughtered in the abattoir and furthermore is locally sourced, with no animal having to travel more than 10 miles to the premises. We take pride in our humane approach to animal welfare and our trading policy can be summarised in one word - quality.

Our customers know all about our high quality meat and other produce, and they reward our dedication with their loyalty. Our staff work to very high standards, and their eye for detail and attitude is second to none.

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