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OK – maybe first you might say ‘What is apple butter?' Mmmm... think apple sauce, apple jam, apple spread, baked apple – it's all of these things. Which makes it an incredibly versatile and yummy food. Mostly it's just apples, apple juice and sugar. It's been made for hundreds of years, along with other fruit ‘butters', but has not been available in the UK until now.

All our products use either our own apples from our farm in the Suffolk countryside, or fruit sourced from other local farms and suppliers. All our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality and that homemade taste!

We are stocked all over the region and you can see us monthly at the Snape Maltings Farmers Market and annually at the Alder Carr Farm Strawberry Fayre, the Essex Festival of Food & Drink and the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

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    01-Mar-2014 Report

    We found The Apple Butter Co at Snape Maltings Farmers Market (held on the first of each month) and were delighted to see a product we first ate in the South of the USA on sale - and made by an American too!

    Incredibly versatile and a great fit for a Brit with our love of fruit sauces accompanying savoury foods, the company not only make many varieties of fruit and vegetable butters in season, they will even turn your own crop into butter too. Just contact them via the website for further information.

    We tried the Sloe Sloe, made from Sloes (obviously) and Apple which tempered the natural sweetness of apples with the edginess of Sloes without that mouth pucker that often accompanies them. However in the end the 'Warm Spice' apple butter and Quince varieties won out. The former is as warm and comforting as you'd imagine and is going into an apple stack cake for true Appalachian authenticity whilst the Quince will 'cut' the richness of cheeses, fatty meat such as goose or pork and will also be great (we think) with salmon and mackerel.

    Please do check out their website and look out for their products. We think they are great.

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