Anchor Smokehouse


Selling a Hot & cold smoked range of fish and owned by John Raven, Anchor Smokehouse in Lowestoft has been oak-smoking fish and curing fish in the traditional way since 1878, and is now proud to offer these fine smoked foods online, and delivered to your door.

Anchor Smokehouse retains the traditional method of smoking over oak unlike industrial production methods which generally result in a much blander flavour by using cheaper woods or flavour “enhancers”. Anchor continues to hang the fish on racks or tenters (hence the old phrase “On tenter hooks”).

Excellent service with superb product is always a must but when it is added with more than a dash of good humour it becomes a delight - I would dearly love to bottle the entertainment value of standing and watching and seeing the genuine enjoyment from those customers in the queue - it says a great deal.

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