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Suffolk Farmhouse cheeses

Needham Market

Suffolk Gold-A creamy semi-hard farmhouse cheese, delicious flavour with a rich golden colour. Perfect with oatcakes or an apple.

Suffolk Blue-A creamy lightly blue-veined cheese. Whilst the blue veining is seasonal in appearance, the depth of flavour remains.

We also make various seasonal cheeses including brie, as well as fresh cheeses with herbs and curd cheeses.All of our cheeses are made from pasteurised milk and with vegetarian rennet.

Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses is a family-run business established in July 2004 by Jason and Katharine Salisbury. From the milk of our own herd of pedigree Guernseys, we produce fine hand-made cheeses by traditional methods. We also make other dairy products and rear our own beef and pork.

Our milk is pasteurised on-farm, then carefully handmade by Katharine into cheese, using traditional methods, to recipes tried and tested over many years

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  • LESuffolk&Norfolk

    17-Feb-2014 Report

    We buy these cheeses from Bury St Edmunds bi weekly market and had them at our Christmas table where they disappeared in fifteen minutes. I have used the Suffolk Blue to make souffles and as a luxurious gratin topping. It lacks the bitter burn of many Blues and is silky smooth making it great for spreading on oatcakes.

    The Gold is our current go to semi hard cheese- fruity and sleek.

    Look out for them at various food festivals.

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