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The Abbeygate Picture House

Bury St. Edmunds

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A beautifully modernised yet perfectly original 1920's cinema. Screening everything from timeless classics to the box office latest releases. The cinema is packed full of comfy reclining seats and sofas, not only that but you can enjoy a glass of wine, beer or soft drink from the bar whilst watching your film. No.4 Hatter Street is the recently opened addition to the Picturehouse. The Abbeygate's Georgian style licensed restaurant is perfect for a coffee and a chat, afternoon tea with home-made cakes, a relaxing glass of wine or a sit down meal, available day and night. This beautiful new café/restaurant has a wonderful function room upstairs available for hire and perfect for private parties, business meetings and other events.

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  • Mignonette

    03-Apr-2014 Report

    This beautifully restored cinema with its attached restaurant and bar is a great replacement for the old skool cinemas I loved in London.

    Plush velvet seating and back row sofas for two (with cushions!) offer plenty of room unlike the overcrowded mean seating of multiplexes. As snobby as it might sound, the cinema attracts a more discerning and generally better behaved, more considerate clientele too. I have never had to endure the penetrating distracting sound of a hundred (or more) people sucking on drinks like superannuated babies on the bottle. Nor do you get so much of the bovine like munching and chomping upon sweets nor rustling of sweet wrappers. They do however serve alcoholic and soft drinks that can be taken into the film and eating is allowed. We sampled the Banoffee cake while waiting to go into the film - home baked if a little bland in flavour though.

    The acoustics are fine and the auditorium errs on the side of cosy rather than cavernous. Yet you don't feel on top of your neighbours and there's no fighting for elbow room and confusing cup holders.

    A word of advice - if you are small in stature you will not get an unimpeded view of the screen if you sit on the back row. The sofa's are super squishy and I couldn't see. I moved to the next sofa where there was an unimpeded view. However the woman who was in front of me previously inexplicably decided to switch seats to- yes you guessed it- directly in front of me for no reason that I could ascertain. So I ended up having to crane my neck.

    Not that the cinema can be blamed for THAT. You can also eat at the restaurant next to the cinema (which is in house) and they serve a mean 'create your own burger' plus occasional Poutine. That is not something you get every day in the Suffolk countryside!

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