Bury St. Edmunds

If conventional gyms and health clubs give you a phobia, then Gymophobics is the place for you.
Members feel very comfortable at Gymophobics; There are no mirrors, no pictures of the ‘ideal' body and no distracting TV screens or blaring dance tunes. The women-only concept is also very appealing, as is the amount of personal attention that our staff offer each and every member.

Mixed health clubs and conventional gyms can be intimidating. Whatever your age, if you are female and lack confidence in your figure, the last place you want to be is a gym full of super models and men sprouting muscles in all the right places!
Gymophobics however is different. Each session on our specially designed exercise circuit takes just 30 mins and your personal programme takes your age and fitness into account. Our members ages range from 12-70's.

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