Life Matters Group - Hypnotherapy

County Wide

My approach to working with clients has helped everybody from parents and children, professionals, celebrities, business leaders, and more.<br /><br />I have helped them deal with or completely overcome conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, pain, long term and terminal illness, obesity and eating disorders. <br /><br />I offer couples sessions, family sessions, and groups in counselling, psychotherapy, advanced clinical hypnotherapy, and specialist programmes for anxiety, weight loss and healing:&#8232; HypnoCalm, HypnuSlim and HypnoHealing. <br /><br />I work with you in a holistic way &ndash; addressing your emotional and physical needs helping you to live life to the fullest.<br /><br />If you are reading this it is probably because you would like some help. Give me a call for a free initial telephone consultation. I look forward to us working together.

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