Sudbury Hypnosis


Hi, I'm Benjamin Blake.

I'm a Hypnotist based in Sudbury. I offer a whole range of both Remedial Hypnotherapy and Generative Hypnotherapy services.

Many people who come to see me are trying to overcome obstacles in their lives, and many others are trying to scale new heights and push themselves further. Whatever their reason for making contact, they all have one thing in common – a desire for change.

Everyone knows hypnosis is a great tool for stopping smoking, eliminating fears and phobias, and for anaesthesia, but did you know hypnosis can be used for generative change too?

Hypnosis can be used to facilitate peak sports performance, improved concentration, past life regression, even wart removal!

Hypnosis can be a useful and life-enhancing tool in countless expected and surprising ways, so please call me for a chat about what we, together, can help you to achieve.

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