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Castle Torrejano

Bury St. Edmunds

Castle Torrejano is a newly opened Portugese restaurant offering the best regional foods such as their own traditional Christmas dish of Bacalhau. Sardines, giant King prawn, Portugese olive oil and a wide selection of wines and Port can be purchased in the shop.

The cafe makes fresh traditional pastries such as Pasteis De Nata with a special Saturday offer of a three course meal for as little as £12 per head.

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  • LESuffolk&Norfolk

    22-Mar-2014 Report

    We are very lucky to have this Portugese owned cafe and market in our town which serves fresh food, pastries and snacks for the local expat community and those lucky enough to have discovered it. A bit of a hidden gem, not helped by its position around the side of Angel Hill out of the sight line of people coming down Abbeygate St towards the Abbey Gardens, Torrejano is incredibly welcoming. It was busy with families eating together when we arrived (3pm) with a chiller cabinet packed with unusual and fresh baked deli items, cakes and pastries. The deservedly famous Pasteis De Nata (Portugese Custard Tarts) were piled onto stands with a choice of cinnamon topping or not- this was initially what lured us here.

    As per usual ended up ordering far more than we could eat for take out- the custard tarts and a slice of Torta De Naranja; eggy and heady with an orange syrup soaked semolina filling, resembling an exotic Swiss Roll. Coconut stuffed and topped pillowy yeast raised buns, Empanadas filled with meats and salt cod (Bacalao)and yet more syrup and sugar drenched pastries that resembled Baklava being layered, pleated and folded like edible origami were all for sale.

    Go downstairs to find a mini market of Portugese products including White Port at £17 a bottle, Tawny Port around £12, great metal vats of Olive oil, Boxes of Farina flavoured with Banana for babies, cereals and jars of Pimenton Dulce and other local spices and herbs. Most interesting were the freezers packed with whole sides of salt cod (Bacalao), packs of freshly made salt cod Fritters (we bought these), boxes of Sardines, fresh scallops, clams and Prawns plus all manner of prepared Caldo's and other stews. The counter assistant gave us plenty of ideas and advice about frying the fritters- much appreciated.

    We hope the residents of Bury St Edmunds make the most of Torrejano. It is refreshing to find something a little different. Instead of buying your Pasteis De Nata from the chain bakery up the road (Patisserie Valerie) why not buy the real thing made by those who have grown up making (and eating) them?

    The store did not solicit this review and we paid for our purchases.

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