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East Coast Diner


The East Coast Diner is your new favourite spot in Woodbridge. Join us for Brooklyn-style burgers, after-school milkshakes and hotdogs, traditional ice cream sundaes and cheesecakes or Saturday night pizza and cocktails.

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  • LESuffolk

    29-Dec-2013 Report

    We visited just after Christmas on a frigidly cold afternoon and walked in to a decidedly un-frigid welcome- friendly and enthusiastic. The vibe is NYC diner in an old building minus the trad Brooklyn pressed tin roof yet there is nothing staged about this place.

    The choice offered on the menu is not overwhelming, seemingly predicated upon the catering principle of offering less and doing it better. (The best indication of freshly cooked food being a small menu anyway.)

    The hotdogs and burger meat come from highly regarded local sources, the chile relish is from the local Black Dog Deli and all food appears to be freshly prepped and cooked to order.

    We chose some pretty authentic sounding pure beef hot dogs (The Pimp Steak) w/ sauerkraut, onions, chile relish, mustard and skinny fries. There are optional extra toppings and few limits on customisation other than the size of your mouth when trying to fit the hot dog into it. The burgers come with the best type of bun- a Brioche, lightly grilled with salad, pickles and cheese spilling out from underneath. The fries are the crunchy skinny type (in size only) and can be ordered with blue cheese, Cajun spices or Howlin' Hot chile. We wimped out and had them straight up.

    Sadly having to drive home meant we had to bypass the decadent sounding 'Hard Shake', a malted milkshake with shots of Kahlua, coconut rum and golden rum. We also had to bypass the seductive cocktail menu full of variations on a Mojito, Margarita and Martini theme. A range of craft beers are sold too including 'Thunderstruck' from local brewery Hellhound in Hadleigh, Suffolk and the incredibly popular Brooklyn Beer. There are juices, sodas and some voluptuous sounding malted shakes- millionaires shortbread and the more usual vanilla, chocolate and strawberry made with malted milk and dairy ice cream. You can go left field with these with an added shot of Nutella or Banana.

    East Coast Diner also has a fine range of pizzas with toppings both usual and less so. I have never had a Pizza with walnut, beetroot and Binham Blue cheese but I am going back to have one washed down with a Bumbleberry Slushie style Froz-Z-zen. I haven't seen the Bumbleberry mentioned outside the West coast of the USA before since Pascale Le Draoulec mentioned it in her road food book 'American Pie'!

    I would love this diner to be nearer. Why do I not live in Woodbridge?

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